Argentine Middle School



First day of school:  From a 6th grader’s perspective

The first day of school was magnificent. The sixth graders arrived and went into the multipurpose room. In the multipurpose room we played and had great time. After that, we were assigned a web leader and were taken to a different class and we learned things about each other that we did not know. Next, we had lunch and after that we were taken to our FA and got to know our teachers. We had a GREAT time meeting our new teachers and that got us excited for the year.


First day of school: From an 8th grader’s perpective


The first day of school for the 8th graders was amazing. We were able to see all our past teachers. The 8th graders were surprised at the number of 6th graders. The 6th graders were filled with curiosity and confusion. Web Leaders were ready to help any 6th grader that was in need of any assistance. The first day of school was very memorable for all of the students attending Argentine Middle School.